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Here's a step-by-step guide to translating and recording RTT questions.

  1. Find a person to translate the questions from the LWC to the test point language (in the case of the pilot test, the test point language is also the language of the text itself).
  2. Explain to the translator that you will read a question and that you would like him or her to tell you how it is asked in the test point language. Emphasize that you want him/her to translate the question – not state the answer. If these questions are for the hometown text, then it may help to let the translator hear the story so that he or she knows the context of the question.
  3. Practice translating the first few questions using this method. Don't record or write anything down, but rather allow the translator to get used to the procedure.
  4. If the translator is struggling to translate these questions, dismiss him or her tactfully and thankfully. Look for another translator and begin again at Step 1.
  5. Set up the MiniDisc (MD) equipment for recording (including the microphone). Use the same disc as you used for the text so that the text and the thirty questions about it will be on the same MiniDisc.
  6. Negotiate a cue to help the translator to know when to repeat the question again in the test point language (e.g. when you move the microphone closer, or when you gently move your hand, etc.). Practice this sequence of speech and cues to be sure that you are both ready.
  7. Before recording, cue your MD recorder to record on the next track and write the track number in your notebook at which you will begin recording the questions. (If the last track recorded was #59, the machine will prepare to record the first question on track #60).
  8. Record the questions. Read the first question and then have the translator say the question in the test point language. If he or she says it without difficulty, unpause the MD recorder and cue him or her to repeat it. After the translator has finished speaking, continue recording for one or two seconds and then pause the machine. Before recording the next question, press the track 'mark' button to prepare the machine to record the next question on the next track.
  9. Write the new track number next to the written question in your translation notebook. Do this for each question so that there is no confusion about track numbers and their contents later.
  10. Continue recording questions by repeating Steps 8 and 9 until all of the questions have been recorded.
  11. Check the translation of each of the questions with a second person. If you find errors that change the meaning or focus of a question, translate and record the question again with the first translator.