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Every user is ranked at a level according to their contributions to the wiki. We all start off with 1000 points and the rank of Glottal. From there, here's where you can go...

Rank Score Needed
Glottal 1,000 points
Click 1,200 points
Tone 1,750 points
Phone 2,500 points
Allophone 5,000 points
Morpheme 10,000 points
Suprasegmental 20,000 points
Lexeme 35,000 points
Head 50,000 points
Predicate 75,000 points
Complement 100,000 points
Chunk 150,000 points
Phrase 250,000 points
Clause 350,000 points
Sentence 500,000 points
Discourse 800,000 points
Genre 1,000,000 points

You can score points in the following ways:

Action Score Earned
Editing a page 200 points
Friending someone 50 points
Receiving a gift 30 points
Giving a gift 40 points

You can see a list of the top users on this page.