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To get an account on SurveyWiki, just follow these instructions...

First, please read the Terms of Service before requesting an account. It's not long and it's actually important.

Read it? Good...

Now, fill in the form below.

  • Your username will be your real name which you'll enter under the space for email. That will be the name you use to log in.
  • For your Personal Biography, we'd like you to write something so other members know a bit about you. There's a 50 word minimum but you can write as much as you like.

What happens next?

  1. Surveywiki will email you a notification message.
  2. You respond to that message to confirm your email.
  3. Admin will approve your registration.
  4. Surveywiki will let you know that the registration has been approved and send you a password.
  5. You'll be able to login.

This process might take a day or so depending on how busy our Admins are so, please be patient. Thanks.

User account

Make sure your email address is correct because Surveywiki will send you an automated confirmation message when you submit this form. When you get that, you'll need to respond by clicking on the confirmation link in the email. Once an Admin sees that your email address has been confirmed, they will set up your account. At that point, Surveywiki will email your password to you.

Personal information

Your biography will be set as the initial content for your userpage. Make sure you are comfortable publishing such information.

Try to include any relevant credentials in your biography below.

Personal biography (plain text only):

Other information

The following information is kept private and will only be used for this request. You may want to list contacts such a phone number to aid in identify confirmation.

Resume or CV (optional):

Additional notes:

List of websites, if any (each on a separate line):

Terms of Service