Steps to Assemble Pilot Test

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Steps to Assemble Pilot Test
Use Track Change Tables
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  1. Open the translation notebook and label the next blank page with an appropriate title for the change table, e.g. "Change table from Sirba text/questions to Sirba Pilot." This will be the table that shows the new order and track numbers for the text and questions after they have been copied from the original MD to the pilot test MD. Alternatively, write the new order in advance and check off each track as it is created on the pilot test disc.
  2. Set both MiniDisc machines side by side on a table and connect the patch cord to the "Line Out" jack on the PLAYER and to the "Line In" jack on the RECORDER. Be sure that the RECORDER is set to record from the line and not the microphone.
  3. Put the MD with the text and questions in the PLAYER. Be sure that you have "write-protected" this source MD by moving the slide open on the MiniDisc itself.
  4. Put a blank MD in the RECORDER.
  5. Cue the RECORDER to begin recording on the first track, but turn the pause "on".
  6. Cue the PLAYER to begin playing the first track of the text and turn the pause "on".
  7. Check that the RECORDER is NOT set to mark tracks automatically. If this feature is turned on, it will insert extra tracks in the blank spaces that are wanted before and after questions.
  8. Set the PLAYER to count down to the end of the track, so that you know when the track is about to end. This will help you to know when you will need to pause the recording to insert a question.
  9. On the change table in the translation notebook, write down the original track number(s) that you will record. These are the text segments before the first question. Now you are ready to begin recording.
  10. Release the pause buttons on both machines at the same time. If you are working with a partner, pick a cue to say so that you release together. (Example: "Ready? 1, 2, 3")
  11. Pause the PLAYER when the countdown reaches "00:00" at the end of the last track you wish to record before inserting a question. If the utterance is too short for the countdown feature to be useful, listen with headphones as you refer to the transcription to anticipate the end of the track.
  12. Wait a second or two and pause the RECORDER. The silence you have added will help to notify the test subject that a question is about to be asked.
  13. Complete the first line of the change table in the translation notebook by writing down the track number you just used on the second disc.
  14. Advance the RECORDER to the next track (or insert a new track). The first question will be inserted on this new track.
  15. On the PLAYER, scroll to the track number of the first question. Ensure that the PLAYER is still set to display the time remaining for the track.
  16. Release the pause buttons on both machines at the same time.
  17. Pause both machines when the countdown on the PLAYER reaches "00:00". There should already be a few seconds of silence at the end of the question track.
  18. Complete the second line of your change table in your translation notebook.
  19. Advance the RECORDER to the next track number.
  20. Repeat steps 9-19 until you have recorded each of the text segments and their questions in the proper order. Follow all of the steps to keep the change table accurate and to avoid recording errors. When you have done these things, the pilot test will be ready. Review the entire disc, following its progress on the track change table, to make sure that all of the tracks have been recorded and are in the correct order.