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Size of the Zoom H2n digital recorder.

Latest News

Recently Zoom have released the H2n which sells for around US$200. Improvements over the Zoom H2 include

  • a speaker
  • bigger, brighter display
  • sturdier SD card cover
  • recording configuration switch
  • mic gain wheel
  • possible longer battery life

However, the H2n still lacks a track copy feature and, although there is a track mark feature, it is uncertain how easy it is to remove track marks or tell the unit to only play a single sub-track as needed for RTTs.


  • More sophisticated Auto Gain function, with Solo, Meeting, and Concert settings
  • Smaller, lighter, looks less like a journalist or military surveillance tool
  • Quicker start-up
  • Clearer and cleaner display
  • Easier to use, fewer confusing buttons
  • Handy recording volume adjustment
  • Nice, built-in speaker, just like the H4n


  • No mono mix or mono record option, so if your mic records mono but you want to prepare an RTT for people to hear in both ears, it won’t work (use a Zoom H4n)
  • No Copy function, like the H4n has, so you can’t make multiple copies for RTT development
  • Hard to select tracks
  • no XLR port
  • annoying red light shines on the subject if you use the built-in mic without a windscreen
  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • SD card cover is a bit hard to use

See our Tips for Audio Recording for help with recording digital audio.

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