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A typical language survey may involve determining linguistic relationships through the comparison of word lists. WordSurv is designed to aid in this task. It functions in three main areas:

  1. entry and maintenance of word lists and cognate decisions,
  2. computation of lexicostatistic and phonostatistic measures of similarity, and
  3. output of data and results in various formats.

WordSurv also supports the COMPASS algorithm to aid in comparative reconstruction.

WordSurv is being developed through a partnership between the Computer and Systems Science Department at Taylor University and SIL International.

Version 7 is the most recent release (April 2012) and is available for download.

If you have questions about using WordSurv 7, you can find help in several places:

  • The "Wordsurv 7 at a glance" document in the help menu
  • The "Wordsurv Quick Refernce guide" document in the help menu
  • The new WordSurv helps, designed to actually be helpful
  • The FAQs and known issues on Taylor's WordSurv 7 website.