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Several resources below come highly recommended for learning about teamwork

Building Credible Multicultural Teams by Lianne Roembke published 2000 in Pasadena, California by William Carey Library.

Realistic and practical, it touches on attitudes of mutual respect and open communication.
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Cross-Cultural Partnerships by Mary T. Lederleitner published 2010 in Downers Grove by Inter Varsity Press.

Mary is an SIL executive who became involved as an accountant with various cross-cultural issues in the worldwide movement and is now working on a PhD in this area. Her book focuses on only one aspect, the multicultural conflict issues and how to minimize them. The basics of formation of a mono-cultural team are not in focus; something else will be needed for that.
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Teamwork: How to Build Relationships by Gordon & Rosemary Jones published 2003 by Scripture Union.

The book brings in personality type, how individuals of various types relate to others within a team context as well as stages of team development, spiritual giftedness and individual uniqueness. Exercises at the end of the book include self-perceptions of team roles, topics to discuss within the team context and team satisfaction.
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Leading Teams: setting the stage for great performances by J. Richard Hackman published in 2002 by the Harvard Business School Press in Boston.

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