Sony v Zoom equipment comparison

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Zoom H2 Zoom H2n Zoom H4n Sony PCM-M10 Sony Minidisc recorders
Price (Oct 2011) 230 300 300 not available
Mic jacks 1/8 1/8 1/8, XLR 1/8 1/8
Built-in speaker?
COPY function?
DIVIDE function?
REJOIN function? (1) (1)
Retain data when battery dies?
Usable Track marks?
Remote control optional
Auto/Manual REC switch (2)
Mic sensitivity switch YES
Media up to 32GB SD cards up to 32GB SD cards micro SD cards mindiscs
Change playback speed ✔ (but awkward) ✔ (but awkward)
Use plugin power

Table Notes

  1. for removing track marks
  2. No auto record level function. Record volume goes up to 127. Can’t include date in name.

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