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  • CreoleTalk is a Yahoo Group that invites academic experts in linguistics and creole languages to discuss and share research. Discussion also welcome on pidgins, patois, vernacular, dialect speakers, AAVE (African American Venacular English), Ebonics, Irish American, Vernacular English, Spanglish, Changlish, Netglish, etc.


Field Work

  • Linguistic Fieldwork Preparation: a guide for field linguists "is meant to be a comprehensive web-resource for the benefit of the linguistic community at large, from those who teach courses in field methods, endangered languages, and language revitalization, to those who do or wish to conduct field research." In actual fact, it's just a collection of links, and although some of them are dead, some of them are very useful. Sections include ethics, readings and technology.


Language Documentation

  • Transcription in Action collects and disseminates information about the transcription of spoken interaction, including methods, theories, tools, and research. The site gives special attention to transcription within linguistics but also aims to be useful to transcribers in other disciplines and professions.

Language Vitality


Participatory Methodology


  • Emanuel A. Schegloff Manny Schegloff is, according to Lynn Landweer, "the 'guru' of Conversational Analysis."



  • Gramaphone Recordings from the Linguistic Society of India consists of digitized recordings originally collected in South Asia during a period from 1913 until 1929. Intended as a supplement to Sir George A. Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India published between 1904 and 1927, the recordings of stories, songs and poems were collected by provincial and presidential governments of British-ruled India in cooperation with Grierson and the Gramophone Company, Calcutta.


Word Lists