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If you are a new editor, please read our simple rules and refer to our Style Guide before editing a page.
If you want to create a page, please read our guide to starting a new page first.

SurveyWiki uses exactly the same content management system as Wikipedia. So, learning how to edit content on SurveyWiki, is exactly the same as learning to do it on Wikipedia. Most of the links below will take you to Wikipedia help pages and you can simply apply what you learn there to SurveyWiki. A few pages are specific to SurveyWiki.

Quick Help

Editing Pages Tutorial
Cheatsheet - an editing reference card.


Report your change in the edit summary
Handle an edit conflict
Use minor edits
Use the "Show preview" button

Creating pages

Name a page
Starting a new page
Categorising your pages


Style Guide

The SurveyWiki interface

Find your way around.

Edit toolbar
Page history
User contributions pages
Use Discussion pages
Recent changes page
Diff pages
Edit conflicts
The watchlist

General Help

Experiment with editing pages in the sandbox. You can also carry out editing experiments "in situ" by editing the page itself and using the Show preview button. Be careful not to accidentally save the page though! If you do, then revert your changes.

How to edit a page
Wiki markup: Descriptions of what you type when you want to format text
Create links and change the title of a link (pipe a link)
Use sections in an article
Insert a picture
Use redirect pages
Create lists
Use footnotes and references
Use tables
Use mathematical formulae
Use special characters. The display of fonts and other character sets in your browser.
Using HTML code in wikitext
Use "magic words" and variables.

Article maintenance

Revert a page to an earlier version
Use page names
Use namespaces
Use headings as anchors to link to
Do a purge