Garmin etrex Vista Cx I

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After my experience with the Etrex Vista Cx I have decided never to purchase a Garmin product again.

Customer service was terrible when I tried to get the unit fixed after it partially melted in North Africa. Garmin's world base map on that unit is very limited and there are no additional maps available for the areas in which I work. Garmin used a proprietary file type for their base maps so that customers would not be able to add their own maps or modify the default base map. These same problems apply to the Garmin Geko, GPSmap 60, and the Vista hcx.

I understand now that Garmin has allowed its customers a bit more freedom in uploading raster images to their new units like the Oregon, but from the little I've seen of it, the Oregon still does not compete with the Delorme PN-60.