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As well as the resources below, you might want to look at our Language Assessment Bibliography for recommended readings.


Georgetown University Round Table

  • Also known as GURT. The next Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics will be held at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. The conference, entitled "Measured Language: Quantitative Approaches to Acquisition, Assessment, Processing and Variation," will take place from March 8th to 11th of 2012. Website
  • Paul Lewis attended GURT 11 and has written a paper summarising the conference. 150Kb pdf here.

Academic Journals

These are academic journals which are relevant to language assessment. Some of the give you full access to the text. Others only allow you to read abstracts.

Name Description Type of Access
Language Documentation & Conservation papers including goals of language documentation, data management, fieldwork methods, ethical issues, orthography design, reference grammar design, lexicography, methods of assessing ethnolinguistic vitality, archiving matters, language planning, areal survey reports, short field reports on endangered or underdocumented languages, reports on language maintenance, preservation, and revitalization efforts, software, hardware, and book reviews full access
Participatory Learning and Action Journal on participatory learning and action approaches and methods. A forum for those engaged in participatory work - community workers, activists and researchers to share their experiences, conceptual reflections and methodological innovations with others, providing a genuine voice from the field. All the material is copyright free and they encourage photocopying of articles for sharing and training, provided the source is acknowledged. full access
Linguistic Discovery Journal dedicated to the description and analysis of primary linguistic data. It provides a platform for linguists to explore these issues and to inform others about linguistic phenomena that deepen our understanding of language, as well our appreciation for it. The journal will be published at least two times per year. full access
Dialectologia Joins the experiences of researchers working in different fields of dialectology (linguistic variation, geolinguistics, methodology, synchronic and diachronic dialectal data, new technologies, social dialectology, etc). Published twice yearly, it complies with the norms of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). Each issue features 4/6 previously unpublished articles on original topics relating to linguistic variation. It includes also book reviews and news about congresses, meetings and recent publications. full access