Useful Research Phrases

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Research Phrase Interpretation
"It has long been known that..." I didn't look up the original reference.
"A clear trend is evident." These data are practically meaningless.
"It is believed that..." I think...
"It is widely believed that..." A couple of other guys think so too.
"While it has not been possible to provide definitive answers to these questions,..." The study was a failure but I still hope to get it published.
"Typical results are shown." The best results are shown.
"Four cases were chosen for more in-depth study." The rest of them didn't make any sense.
"The most reliable results are those of Jones." He was my graduate assistant.
"The following analysis, based on obtainable data,..." Three pages of laboratory notes were obliterated when I spilled beer on them.
"The outcome of this experiment is counter-intuitive." I don't understand
"The calculated values are correct within an order of magnitude." The calculated values are wrong.
"It is hoped that the questions raised in this paper will stimulate further research in this area." This is a lousy paper but so are all the others on this miserable topic.
"Thanks are due to James White for research assistance and to Frank Stone for valuable discussions." White did the work and Stone explained it to me.