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Note for Editors: please add to these lists at your discretion. Please also remove items from these lists if content is added (by you or whoever) so that this is kept up to date.

The following content needs to be added to SurveyWiki.

Recorded Text Tests

  • methodology started but incomplete
  • add info about RTT-Rs
  • add info about RTT-Qs
  • add info about RTT-RAs
  • upload O’Leary, C. F. (1994). The role of Recorded Text Tests in Intelligibility Assessment and Language Program Decisions. Notes on Literature in Use and Language Programs, 48-72
  • upload Landweer, M. L. (2009). Use of the Recorded Text Test in Papua New Guinea: Some Initial Thoughts. unpublished paper.

Sentence Repetition Tests

  • add methodology

Survey mailing list

  • Need to go through list from now backwards and strip out useful content and paste in wiki
  • if anyone's personal information is used, permission must be given
  • encourage the original writer to join SurveyWiki and add content themselves


  • incomplete

Matched Guise

  • find out if is this used by survey teams?
  • add content/delete as necessary

Social Networks

  • expand on practical use of SNA in surveying (if we are allowed to use content from Rueck 2006, there are some good matrices and diagrams we could post as examples of community-level networks for defining language/dialect areas and for language program planning)
  • if possible, add PDFs of Graham 1997, Rueck 2006

Language Vitality

  • add some discussion of issues
  • link to EGIDS Malaysia/Indonesia page


  • make a redirect to page
  • Africa Area Glossary
    • find out who maintains Africa area definitions
    • ask them to register and update glossary
  • if they won't, add in Africa area definitions


  • make a short list of terms/methods that are useful for survey
  • work through each of these terms/methods defining and describing them

Data Analysis

  • add in a section on tips for analysis of qualitative data

Phonemic Analysis

  • add in links to phonology editor/Praat and other sound tools
  • add in work with formants for vowel analysis

Word Lists

  • add in detailed description of analysing word lists using WordSurv

Academic Writing

  • SILESR report style template
    • get permission to add SILESR template doc
    • add SILESR template doc
  • write guidelines for report writing


  • create library page
  • populate it with resources organised by topic area and suborganised by author
  • upload files as necessary e.g. pdfs of articles and create necessary links