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These ToS are currently under construction as the site is new.

  • All pages are publically viewable including attachments and discussions.
  • Editing and creation of pages is restricted to SIL members and approved SIL-affiliated non-members. SurveyWiki membership for any non-SIL members is granted at the request of the SurveyWiki administrators only.
  • By placing content on SurveyWiki, you agree that it can be shared freely with and by members of the public.
  • Content in any form that is under copyright or otherwise reserved (for example data given without consent for such an audience) should not be placed on SurveyWiki. If you are unsure as to whether certain information is restricted, do not post it. Individual members will be responsibible should such content appear on the wiki.
  • When adding content created by someone else, credit the original author and only use the content with their permission.
  • While content creation and site maintenance is the responsibility of SIL members, none of the content on SurveyWiki is intended to officially represent the views of SIL and/or it's partner organisations.