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Referencing External Content

Warnings about Non-Original Content

If you put material in Surveywiki which originally came from another source, you must reference the source. Failure to do so could lead to Surveywiki getting legal challenges for breach of copyright or failure to respect intellectual property rights. At the very least, it shows professional respect for colleagues who have worked hard to compile the information you are reproducing.

It is important that if you reproduce large amounts of someone else's work on Surveywiki, you already have their permission to do so. If Surveywiki admin receives a request to remove content because the original author objects to it appearing on the site, it will be removed immediately and the user who posted it will be suspended pending investigation. Consistent abuse of content will ulimately lead to a user being banned.

Guidelines for Referencing

Surveywiki uses a footnote system for referencing. References you include will have auto-numbered links at the place you put the reference like this [1]. Surveywiki standard style is for these links to lead to a list of notes at the foot of the page. Please do not place this list elsewhere.

Placing a reference in your content

When you want to reference a source in your text use the following formatting in your wiki code:


Carla Radloff's excellent overview of SRTs <ref>Radloff, Carla F. (1991). ''Sentence Repetition Testing for Studies of Community Bilingualism''. Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.</ref>

Note: the title of the journal or book should be italicised as Surveywiki follows the APA style for referencing and bibliographies. Thus, note the two apostrophes before and after the title which is wikicode to italicise text.

The <ref> </ref> tags should be used and inside these, insert the text you want to appear at the bottom of the page as your reference. If you want to specify a page number, include it after the publication information between these tags.

Displaying a bibliography or list of references

Once you have inserted references, you need to tell Surveywiki to place the list of notes at the foot of the page. Navigate to the very bottom of the page and use the following code:

<references />

Preview your page and check that the references appear correctly. Save the page.

Referencing Internal Content

One of the strengths of a wiki is the ability to cross-reference. We encourage you to link to internal content whenever you can so that readers can get more information. To do this, simply use the following wikicode to link to the page where the other content is

[[Page Title]]

Referencing a particular section

If you want to link to a particular section within that page, to guide the reader to something more specific use

[[Page Title#Section Title]]

Referencing using alternative link text

By default, surveywiki will use the page title as the title of your link. Sometimes this isn't appropriate for the content you are writing. To link to a page or section but use different text than the page title for your link, use

[[Page Title#Section Title|different link text]]

  1. Click the blue arrow on the left to jump back!
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