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What are Categories?

SurveyWiki uses categories to organise pages and help users find and edit content efficiently. You can see a list of Categories that SurveyWiki uses on the Special:Categories page. Some categories are sub-categories of others.

Adding pages to Categories

Every page on SurveyWiki should be assigned to at least one category. When you create a page or edit a page that has no category assigned to it, please assign it to a category. To do this, use the following wikicode:


for example the code


would assign the page to the Help category.

Category Guides

Each individual category page on Special:Categories has a description of what pages assigned to that category can or cannot consist of. Please use these guides to determine which is the best category for your page. For example, the Category:Help page tells you that you cannot assign pages which tell people how to gather data to the Help category.


  • You can assign a page to as many categories as you feel are needed, but you should not assign a page to categories that it is not directly relevant to.
  • Please do not add new categories without first getting Admin approval. If Admin notices you have created new categories, they will contact you to enquire as to why you feel it is necessary. They may remove your category or reassign it.
  • If you feel a new category needs to be created, use the discussion tab on the Special:Categories page or send a message to the site Admin.
  • Admin reserves the right to assign or un-assign sub-categories.

More Help

For more detail about using categories, see the Categories page on MediaWiki.

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